Helpful Childcare Tips For The Monsoons

Kids just love the monsoons. Splashing around in puddles, enjoying the little drizzles or just a good game of football in a slushy field, these are things that every child should enjoy. One the other hand, you are probably worried about germs or your child falling sick.

Childcare Tips For The Monsoons
Here are 10 childcare tips for the monsoons so that your little one can enjoy the little joys of this wonderful season:

#1. Keep The Hands Clean
The easiest route for germs to enter the body is through the hands. So, make sure that you wash your hands and your little one’s hands thoroughly before eating. Keeping a sanitizer handy is a great idea when your go out.

#2. Watch What Your Little One Eats
The food that your child eats matters the most in the monsoons. Since this is the season of common infections, your child’s immunity should be at its best. So, include a lot of fruits and veggies in your child’s diet. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals that boost immunity.

It is also a good idea to give your little one freshly prepared food. Never keep food out for too long during monsoons as the chances of bacterial infection are very high.

#3. Keep The Drinking Water Clean
During the monsoons, water borne diseases are very common. This is the breeding ground for different types of bacteria and germs. Use filtered water for your whole family. It is even better to boil and store water for drinking. Always carry water with you when you are outdoors to avoid any chances of infection.

#4. Make Sure Clothes Are Dried Properly
Clothes take the longest time to dry during the monsoons. Nevertheless, you should make sure that your child’s clothes are fully dry when you put them on. Clothes made from lighter fabric tend to dry up faster. They are also breathable, making them perfect for the monsoons. If it gets chilly, try adding layers instead of using thick garments.

#5. Mosquitoes Are The Biggest Menace
Come rains and it is mosquito menace season. The puddles and the stagnant water increase the number of mosquitoes that carry some of the deadliest diseases like dengue. First, make sure that your home is free from stagnant water around it. Whenever your little one goes out, it is a good idea to apply mosquito repellent and also keep the arms and legs covered. When at home, of course there are options like using a mosquito net or a repellent.

#6. It’s Best To Miss the First Few Rains
It is a common belief that the first few rains are acidic in nature. So it is best to stay away from the first few showers to prevent skin infections.

#7. Watch Out For Symptoms Of Common Illnesses
Prevention is cure during the monsoons. If your child has mild fever, cough or any common symptoms of possible health issues, get in touch with your doctor immediately. Nipping the illness in the bud is a great way to stay safe during monsoons.

#8. Keep Skin Infections At Bay
Damp clothes, wounds, and exposure to allergens cause infections. It is worse during monsoons because the humidity allows bacteria to breed faster. In case of babies, changing nappies often is a great idea to prevent skin issues.

#9. Make Sure Air Conditioning Is Moderate
While the humidity might tempt you to put the air conditioning on at full power, resist it for your child’s sake. Allow the child’s body to adapt. Keep the air conditioning moderate or turn it off altogether.

#10. Stay Clear of Roadside Treats
This goes without saying. During infection season, the last thing you want to do is indulge in roadside food. Instead carry healthy treats with you whenever you are out.

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